Only Physically Pure

Motionless in the shower
Letting the water cascade over me
So hot that it numbs my skin
A redness starts to flower
But as senseless as my body may be
I can still feel what’s within

I turn my head to the side
Streams of water make their way
Into my ear, where confined
As if led there by a guide
But as all sound starts fading away
I can still hear what’s in my mind

Raising my hands up to my face
The water is hiding the tears
I cover my eyes till they’re red
Wishing anything else in their place
But as all vision now disappears
I can still see what’s in my head

I desperately grab for the soap
Mercilessly rubbing it thin
Wash away all that’s been
Is there any way I can cope?
But as I scrub away at my skin
I can still never feel clean


Sonnet #2 – Warmth in Winter

The frozen ground crunches under my feet
The chill makes the hairs on my arm stand on end
When my warmer breath and the cold air meet
I watch the silver mist that only winter can send
Curling outwards from my shivering lips
And disappearing in bitter regret
I stroke patterned leaves with my fingertips
The more they crack, the prettier they get
Admiring the white sparkle of webs
Wondering where the spiders are hiding
Escaping the weather on scurrying legs
This painful beauty the season will bring

But however the outside will transform
The thought of you will keep my insides warm

Seeing Red

Sometimes I get this anger
I can feel it brewing up inside
Like tiny waves
Crashing, forming a tide
Spreading upwards
And then the heat
Burning, boiling
Too late to retreat

Gut wrenching

Teeth clenching

Calm quenching

My mouth opens
An urge to scream
But I can’t make a sound
Go back to the dream!
Try to contain it
Force it back down
No urge to resist
Don’t let myself drown

Hair bunching

Fist punching

Eyes scrunching

And then it takes me
I see red
There’s nothing left
The monsters fed
White hot
Blood flows
Chest out
Curled toes
Nails scratch
Heart pounds
Hands up
Rage sounds

Then I breathe
Drop the knife
See the blood
Goodbye life

Liebster Nominations

Well hello! This is my first post that doesn’t involve a poem! So, the lovely Summer Yates has nominated me for this Liebster thing, which I didn’t know even existed…but then again, I only joined wordpress this week!

So as far as I know (from what I’ve seen on a few other blogs), if you get nominated you have to answer questions put to you first of all. Then you nominate another group of people that have less than 200 followers and ask them questions. And make sure you notify the people you nominate!

So let’s get down to it! The questions from Summer

1. Introvert or Extrovert? Books or Movies? Coke or Pepsi? Coffee or Tea? Sleep early or Wake up late? Introvert for sure. Books as you can get more absorbed in them. Pepsi Max! Neither. Wake up late.

2. If telling the truth would mean hurting someone, would it be better to lie? It totally depends on the situation. If it was something simple like telling someone their cooking was good when it wasn’t amazing, then a white lie is fine. But if it’s a big deal then the truth is always best, otherwise it will just come back and bite you in the behind.

3. If you were to make your name into a verb or an adjective what would it mean? “To inspire” and then I would have to try and live up to it.

4. Name 5 of your favourite anything. Shakespeare (writer/play write/poet), The Taker (novel), Charles Bukowski (author/poet), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV programme), Les Miserables (stageshow).

5. What would your last words be? I hope they’d be something memorable or funny, but they’d probably be something stupid like “going the shop!” before I get knocked over by a bus.

6. If you were to put a tattoo on yourself, what would you write? I have a tattoo on my wrist saying “All the world is a stage”.

7. Kill or be killed? Why? Depends on the situation, if I had a choice of killing someone or being killed, I’d be killed, to avoid living with guilt. But if it was like a fight for my life, natural instinct would take over (I hope).

8. Describe you version of a perfect day. At this moment in time it would be spending it with a certain someone, who I’m guessing wouldn’t appreciate a namesake on here since a lot of my work is about him haha.

9. What are your guilty pleasures? I’m a massive Harry Potter geek, ask me anything and I know it! I’m not ashamed of it, but it’s all I can think of.

10. Any unpopular opinion? Most of my opinions are unpopular.

11. If you could change just one thing, what would it be? The way I think, I’d like to be happier as a person. But I’m working on it.

Here are my questions, followed by the wonderful people that I nominate to answer them (I recommend them all!)

1. What’s the story behind your blog name?

2. What made you start a blog in the first place?

3. Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

4. Who is your favourite writer?

5. If you could be doing anything at all, regardless of money or education, what would it be?

6. What was the last thing you laughed at?

7. Do you prefer writing on paper or on a computer?

8. What’s your favourite TV show?

9. Do you smoke?

10. Do you game? Xbox or Playstation?

11. What was/is your favourite subject at school?

The Blue Tinderbox

Alex J Roberts

Scattered Thoughts


Elisa C Poetry

Chole into Diamonds

Playing with Fire

Towards a Productive Life

Jody’s Scribbles

Out of the Darkness

Ms. Fortune

Driven Crazy

This mounting suspicion

Need for confession

Constant repetition

Of fake discretion

It’s enough to drive anybody mad!
God knows I’ve tried
Tried to prove myself to you

Of my devotion

No lack of emotion

In the aggression

Of my declaration

But it’s still not enough!
Will you ever stop doubting me?
What more can I do?

To halt accusation

Of my deception

This notion

Lack of passion

It’s destroying us!
How can you not see it?
Try to understand

This situation

Your illusion

Of miscommunication

The amplification

Of your imagination

My confusion

At your contradiction

Of the creation

Of your obsession

Of our destruction

And I try to breathe, and leave, don’t grieve, darling please, can’t cope with these…these…these doubts…they break me…completely…

Never free

Sonnet #1 – Immortalised

This is the final attempt I can make
To make you love me the way I love you
I can’t comprehend what else it would take
To conjure from your mouth what you know is true
Desperation is seen as a weakness
But with no strengths, there is nothing to me
Without caressing my skin you will guess
From the blue tinge of my lips you will see
I am now immortal within your mind
You will never forget the image here
A cure for the guilt you will never find
I wonder whether you will shed a tear

People say they would die for the one they love
Well now I have, it is done, is that enough??

The First

I don’t know if a fifteen year old
Can feel real love or not
But the first time stays with you
No matter how old you are

That first kiss making you bold
Your stomach just a big knot
Wondering if this can be true
Reality can’t be that far

The open window makes it cold
But it doesn’t matter, my skin is hot
Your brother upstairs, not a clue
My mum waiting for me in the car

Our arms we must unfold
Our youthfulness now forgot
Opening our eyes anew
No thought of emotional scar

Innocent Crush

No one loves like a teenage girl
A desperate longing and need
Watching Titanic on repeat
Just to see him on the screen
Smiling when he dances
Crying when he sinks

No one loves like a teenage girl
Looking for someone to lead
Her on unstable feet
Through the confusing teen
Emotions and second chances
To straighten out the kinks

No one loves like a teenage girl
She’ll dream and plead
Understanding not the heat
Innocent and clean
Imagining the one she fancies
Looks to her and winks