23 Weeks Pregnant

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I swear Charlie is nocturnal! I hardly feel any movement during the day, as soon as I get into bed and snuggle down to sleep he starts punching and kicking me! It still feels quite faint at the moment, but it’s definitely him. My bumps getting bigger all the time and I’m loving my new leggings, they’re so comfy! Just makes me wonder why I haven’t worn maternity clothes all my life, I’ve been missing out!

Had another quiet week, mostly played Assassin’s Creed and eaten. My appetite is ridiculous. Everything I’ve read says it starts going up now, but I had no idea it’d be this extreme. I’ve always been a big eater anyway, but I’m eating more than I ever thought possible and still feeling hungry afterwards! Everything says that pregnant women shouldn’t “eat for two” but I can understand why they do. It’s not just greed, it’s hunger! It’s difficult to not eat when you feel like you’re starving.

Had a nice day on Monday, my niece is starting school in September and one of her teachers were coming for a home visit to meet her and my sister and just kind of have a little introduction. My sister moved in not long before Christmas, so we haven’t done anything with the garden, but now it’s getting sunny and it grew up to my waist! So my dad came down with his strimmer and me and my mum and stepdad did other parts of the garden and sorted the house out. After my stepdad had gone to work, it was just me, my mum and my dad. It was strangely nice. They’ve been separated since I was young, I barely remember them being together. So seeing them working together and chatting about funny things that they got up to years ago was a nice experience for me.

Also started watching One Born Every Minute with my mum on Wednesday nights, I’ve never been interested before, but I am now! Luckily none of the women I’ve seen seem to suffer all that much, so it’s not a traumatising watch, thank god! Emotional though, me and mum are tearing up the whole hour that it’s on! Who knows what I’ll be like when I go into labour…


22 Weeks Pregnant

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It’s been a pretty uneventful week if I’m honest. Emma’s Diary doesn’t say that much, Charlie is growing about a centimetre a week now so there’s not much put logging it every week, it’s straight forward! All it really says it that women shouldn’t worry about their bump shape and size, everyone develops differently after all. I’m definitely getting more of a bump, I can tell when I’m sitting down or lying down, if I’m standing it kind of just spreads out a bit.

Me and mum went into town in the week to get me some maternity clothes, got a cute top saying Baby 2014 on it! Apparently there’s a bigger range on the stores website, and it’s not too expensive either so I’ll have a look when I have a bit more money. While we were out we thought we’d have a look in a few charity shops because they seem to have some almost new baby clothes…we got a little carried away to say the least. In the Cancer Research store there was hardly anything so we asked the lady at the till if they had any baby clothes and she brought 2 huge bags from the back and said we could look through them and have them 50p per item since they hadn’t been sorted yet! We were sat on the floor in the shop saying “aww!” every so often as we looked through them. We came home with 3 bags of clothes. Oops! He’ll have a different outfit every day for the first 3 months of his life!

I went to see Paul at the weekend. Told my family I’d gone to a friends house though, so save any awkward questions. It’s been about a month since we saw eachother apart from the scan. It was nice, but it always is. It always seems like when we’re together we’re perfect for eachother, but when we’re apart it all kind of falls to pieces. But I can’t move there and he won’t move here, so who knows where we’ll be in a years time.

Pregnancy wise though, not much happening! No illness, a bit of tiredness, a little movement, but pretty easy going this week. Thank goodness!

21 Weeks Pregnant

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He’s now 10.5 inches (27cm) and weighs around 12.7 ounces (360g). Which is unbelievable really, I look at my belly imagining a baby nearly the size of a school ruler and I can’t quite comprehend it! And, I’m so happy that Emma’s Diary is back to fruit comparisons! He is the size of a large banana! Must be a very large banana.

It feels so nice to be able to say “he” and “him” and “his”. The scan was great. Paul met us there and it was a little awkward, but we’ve been texting every day since, so at least our friendship seems good. The lady that scanned me was lovely and told us everything she was doing, even though we understood none of it, once she said he seems nice and healthy I was aching to find out he sex. Eventually she asked if I wanted to know and I said yes before she’d even finished the question. She looked around and thought she saw a penis, so said it looks like a boy, but then he spun around and she froze the image and said “definitely a boy! I can see his huge bugle there!” and kept going on about how huge the bulge was. Me and Paul looked at each other and smiled and it was quite a touching moment really, I’d always thought he was a boy and Paul knew it.

After the scan we had a chat outside and he told me he’s glad it’s a boy because the only name we had managed to agree on was Charlie, and we couldn’t decide on anything for a girl. So Charlie it is! Paul said he woke up that morning and his boxers has imprinted the letters BOY on his hip. No other letters, just BOY, which he thinks is a sign too. It was a strange few minutes, finding out we’re having a son but not being together in a relationship. I suppose we have to get used to it.

I went shopping immediately after with my mum, sisters and niece to look at baby boy clothes and got a bit carried away buying them…but hey! It’s my first baby, I’m allowed! My niece, Chloe, wasn’t happy though, she’d been desperate to have a girl cousin and when we told her it’s a boy she literally burst into tears in the back of the car, but she cheered up when we let her pick the name (my mum had given her the idea of Charlie, which I’d decided on months before) and loved picking out clothes for him.

Everyone’s so excited and I’m so happy he’s a boy!

20 Weeks Pregnant

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Officially half way through! Emma’s Diary says he/she is 7 inches (17cm) long and about 11 ounces (310g) in weight. Apparently there are grown-up teeth growing under the baby teeth in the gums now. It’s mental now when I think about it, all the teeth will already be there by the time he/she is born!

I forgot to of this yesterday, normally do them every Wednesday, oops! I’ve got my scan this afternoon. So I’ll find out if the baby is all healthy and if there’s any problems, and fingers crossed I’ll find out the gender too. It depends how cooperative he/she is feeling though! All the other pregnant women I know have been told the sex, most of them are having girls, only one is having a boy. It would be typical if they couldn’t tell me mine! My mum keeps telling me not to get my hopes up because she never knew what sex my little sister was before she was born, she had scans every month and they still couldn’t tell her because the baby was always facing the wrong way! As long as it’s healthy and well though, that’s all that matters.

I’m going to have a look at some of the classes I can take too. Considering I know next to nothing about taking care of a baby. My sister went to an all day one before she had her daughter and said it was really good and she learnt loads, so it’s worth a go, especially since it’s free!

Me and my sister are meeting Paul at the scan. We’ve been up and down this week, but he’s coming to the scan and we’re going to try to make it work despite us not getting along. I had no idea it would be so difficult. I’m trying desperately to only think about what’s best for my baby, and not let my own emotions involved. I hope I do it right. I guess only time will tell.