32 Weeks Pregnant

(image courtesy of http://www.yourbabylibrary.com)

It’s been a pretty quiet week. I can feel Charlie getting bigger literally by the day. Things like needing to go to the bathroom more and more often, and my clothes being a little more restricted. When I lie on my back I can feel him heavy on my stomach, it’s really strange. The movements are more obvious now too, I can see him moving every night when I lie down. I always thought it would seem crazy or scary, but it just feels sort of natural, which is nice.

I didn’t end up going to Paul’s. I kind of get bored of talking about constant arguments between us, so I won’t bother haha. It’ll be fine when Charlie’s here, I just keep telling myself that. I have more immediate issues annoying me at the moment anyway, like killer heartburn and backache! So I don’t have time for silly little disputes.

I went to Liverpool with my mum and Emily on Monday which was really good! We mainly went to spend Emily’s birthday money…well, to let her spend it! We just followed her around most of the day but it was fun. We had to make a lot more bathroom breaks than normal too. At one point I was in a queue waiting and the old lady in front of my turned around, noticed I’m pregnant, and said “oh you go in front of me, dear!” Which caused a ripple effect and I ended up at the very front! Pregnancy definately has it’s perks!

I got Charlie a little teddy blanket thing from the Disney Store. It’s Scamp’s head (from Lady and the Tramp 2) attached to a really soft little blanket type thing. I don’t know what they’re actually called…but it was on sale and only like £4! Also, on the train home, Charlie started kicking loads so my mum was trying to feel him, but every time she put her hand on me he stopped, like he knew. So when I felt him kicking, I put my mums hand over mine and then slid mine out quickly so he couldn’t tell! Felt well sly haha. But my mum felt it and got all teary, which made me all teary, typical.

I put all of Charlie’s clothes in a chest of drawers at the weekend too. It’s mad how many he’s got! More than me already! I filled he entire 5 drawers and still had an overflowing bag leftover! They’re all so cute though! I can’t wait to dress him in them and see what suits him and just see HIM! Exciting times! :-D


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