She can’t go a day without spending
If it’s expensive or attractive, it’s hers
She won’t even think about lending
If it’s not for her, it stays in her purse
She lets her life be controlled
By the possessions that she owns
Her whole persona will mould
So much money with zero loans
As long as her balance is high
And her rooms are full to the brim
She can continue to live a lie
That covers a truth so grim
She knows that without it all
Nothing else could give her enough
Because she would never fall
Into that mythical thing called love
So she’ll keep making money to spend
On jewellery and clothes of fine threads
In the hopes that it will not end
With the loneliness that she dreads




She eats in excess every day
There can’t be a space on a plate
If there’s food she will stay
Somehow she doesn’t gain weight
It doesn’t matter what it is
Savoury or sweet, fruit or meat
She just knows it’s bliss
If it’s something she can eat
And as long as her mouth is full
A constant rainbow of taste
The reason behind it can’t pull
And reveal itself in haste
Because when she isn’t eating
Ghosts of the past start to shove
An empty house with no heating
No one to feed or give love
So she’ll continue stuffing her face
Licking her fingers, smacking her mouth
Leave the past without a trace
Keep going north, don’t look south



People say she’s a fiery soul
It doesn’t take much to happen
Her anger is like a black hole
Any other emotion sucked in
And it’s like a wall of red
As her voice echoes around
Screaming so loud that her head
Empties, nothing else to be found
If she keeps her mind hostile
And the madness looking real
She can act for a while
That there’s nothing else she can feel
When she’s weak, the mask slides
She can’t expect to make it last
Behind all the anger, fear hides
A deep sense of dread from her past
So she’ll keep her temper short
Scowl her eyes, constantly frown
As long as she doesn’t get caught
Her fear can’t make her drown



She is the original narcissist
Unable to pass a mirror unlooked
With her reflection she couldn’t resist
Checking her locks of hair are tucked
Pouting her lips to add a deep red
Then smiling to show off teeth so white
And following with a nod of her head
That really makes her eyes look bright
If she keeps herself beautiful always
And makes sure her wardrobe is full
She can keep up that pretty haze
Stopping the truth making it dull
For what did she have without looks?
What else could bring her attention?
She doesn’t study or read books
She has nothing to offer or mention
So she’ll make her eyelashes flutter
And swing her hips, flick her hair
With a body to make a man stutter
She’ll pretend that she doesn’t care