Charlie – My Baby Boy

Charlie William

Born 26th October 2014 at 00:56

Weighing 8lb exactly



1 Month Old

1 Month Old

2 Months Old

2 Months Old

3 Months Old

3 Months Old

4 Months Old

4 Months Old


25 Weeks Pregnant

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I’m so glad that I’m feeling Charlie move more and more nowadays. It’s not little movements that make me question whether it could be him or just normal body feelings, it’s definite kicks and wriggles! According to Emma’s Diary, you might be able to hear his heartbeat now, if you put your ear against my stomach, haven’t tried it because I don’t like the idea of someone squashing their heads against me…maybe that’s just me being weird.

I’m getting more and more excited about what he’ll look like, what colour hair and eyes he’ll have, how big he’ll be…all of it! My usual dark and worrying dreams (I’m told it’s normal to have these dreams during pregnancy) have been swapped with lovely ones. The other morning I woke up smiling after a dream about just holding Charlie in my arms reading The Night Before Christmas poem to him. I can’t wait to dress him up as Santa and reindeer and a snowman and an elf! I love Christmas…can you tell?

My cousins wife was due on 5th of July and so far there’s no sign of her little girl coming any time soon! She’ll be induced on the 17th if nothing happens before then. So I worked out that if Charlie is late, I’d be induced on the 3rd of November (he’s due on 22nd of October). I really hope I don’t have to wait that long though, I’ve gotten used to the idea of him coming in October!

Me, my mum and my sister Cat took my niece Chloe to school today, she’s there for about an hour just to meet her new classmates and get used to the building for when she starts there in September. It got me and my mum talking about Charlie going to school and how I hope he’s not a chav and hope he doesn’t want a shaved head and things like that. My mum says I won’t be able to control what he wants or likes. I just hope the way I bring him up makes him less likely to become like some of the children round here. I will not have a chav for a son!

Not much else to say this week. I have my midwife appointment tomorrow, so there’ll be stuff about that next week! Hope I get to hear his heartbeat…

21 Weeks Pregnant

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He’s now 10.5 inches (27cm) and weighs around 12.7 ounces (360g). Which is unbelievable really, I look at my belly imagining a baby nearly the size of a school ruler and I can’t quite comprehend it! And, I’m so happy that Emma’s Diary is back to fruit comparisons! He is the size of a large banana! Must be a very large banana.

It feels so nice to be able to say “he” and “him” and “his”. The scan was great. Paul met us there and it was a little awkward, but we’ve been texting every day since, so at least our friendship seems good. The lady that scanned me was lovely and told us everything she was doing, even though we understood none of it, once she said he seems nice and healthy I was aching to find out he sex. Eventually she asked if I wanted to know and I said yes before she’d even finished the question. She looked around and thought she saw a penis, so said it looks like a boy, but then he spun around and she froze the image and said “definitely a boy! I can see his huge bugle there!” and kept going on about how huge the bulge was. Me and Paul looked at each other and smiled and it was quite a touching moment really, I’d always thought he was a boy and Paul knew it.

After the scan we had a chat outside and he told me he’s glad it’s a boy because the only name we had managed to agree on was Charlie, and we couldn’t decide on anything for a girl. So Charlie it is! Paul said he woke up that morning and his boxers has imprinted the letters BOY on his hip. No other letters, just BOY, which he thinks is a sign too. It was a strange few minutes, finding out we’re having a son but not being together in a relationship. I suppose we have to get used to it.

I went shopping immediately after with my mum, sisters and niece to look at baby boy clothes and got a bit carried away buying them…but hey! It’s my first baby, I’m allowed! My niece, Chloe, wasn’t happy though, she’d been desperate to have a girl cousin and when we told her it’s a boy she literally burst into tears in the back of the car, but she cheered up when we let her pick the name (my mum had given her the idea of Charlie, which I’d decided on months before) and loved picking out clothes for him.

Everyone’s so excited and I’m so happy he’s a boy!

My Bedroom

If you were to visit my bedroom
(don’t get my intention wrong,
now this is purely hypothetical)
you would probably assume
that this little space must belong
to a boy or man, any male at all.

Take in the various posters up,
Ezio Auditore looking cunning
in various poses and positions.
The image of an xbox on a cup.
DVDs stacked, dangerously leaning
against a book of gaming missions.

Let your curious eyes glide over
the impressive pile of games
beside a TV too big for the room.
Depicting violence on the cover,
war, fighting and anger in the names,
and an obvious sense of doom.

Notice the calendar on the right?
Just beside the hanging keychain
of the Assassin’s Creed logo.
The man in yellow, Walter White,
staring at the camera in disdain,
giving the room a masculine flow.

The only way you’d ever guess
that this room houses a girl,
would be if you hunted around.
Try to get past all the mess,
open some drawers to unfurl
the femininity that makes no sound.