I started as One

Individual, Lone, Singular

We met and became Two

Partners, Companions, Soulmates

Then our Two turned into Three





Pro’s and Con’s of Becoming a Mother

– Sleepless nights leading to mental and physical exhaustion
– Loss of freedom
– Not enough time in a day
– Constant stress or worry
– A responsibility greater than you’ve ever had before
– Hardly any time to yourself
– Making difficult decisions
– Sometimes having to be the bad guy
– Having a house that looks more like a playroom than a home
– Not being able to remember the last thing you bought for yourself
– Having to grow eyes in the back of your head
– Doubting yourself daily
– Struggling to cope
– Making sacrifices you’ve never had to make before
– Not being able to enjoy a rare night out without worrying about your baby
– Everything changes

– Experiencing an unexplainable love and devotion that nothing else could compare with and makes everything else totally worthwhile

Selfish Love

I’m actually quite selfish

I’m sure it’s easy to believe

I do whatever I wish

Don’t like it? You can leave

I won’t consider wasting my day

With things that I don’t want to do

I’m not bothering to act or play

That I’m not more important than you

I’m not saying that I’m greater

Or your idea of fun is wrong

I’m just not waiting until later

When waiting at all is too long

So just imagine my amazement

When I met a certain guy

That made me feel more patient

I didn’t even need to try

I could sit and watch him game

Doing things I don’t enjoy

Whilst remaining strangely tame

Not even resenting the boy

I know it doesn’t seem much

It’s probably the simplest way

Of showing that love, as such

Is just sacrificing your day