Peeping Tom

A floral scent makes him pause

Beside the slightly ajar bathroom door.

He can feel a heat on his skin

That the warm hallway didn’t cause.

A sensation that he can’t ignore

Begins to radiate from within.

Silently, he turns to look inside.

The image of her water-soaked form

Meets his eagerly nervous eyes.

His calm expression does hide

Lustful feelings building like a storm,

Watching a slender leg rise

From the depths of bubble-filled water,

To be met with tantalising fingers

Rubbing the flesh with a lotion.

Standing in the shadows watching her

Hand move up her thigh and lingers

Between her legs with a devotion.

Head thrown back, open mouth,

A face contorted with pleasure,

Hips thrusting towards her palm.

A rippling wave from down south,

Body shaking for good measure,

No effort made to keep calm.

He takes a sudden breath, deep,

That he’d been holding inside

Alarmed, she looks towards the sound

And into the eyes of the peep.

With a smirk she opens her legs wide,

To let him know he’s been found.

Raising a finger to beckon him in,

Then moving it down, touching more,

Slowly picking up the pace.

Not quite believing his win,

He turns to close the bathroom door,

And clicks the lock into place.


Make Love With Love

My teeth dig into my lower lip
Fingers splayed against the wall
My eyes blaze, full of heat, lust
As your hand takes a fistful
Of my hair, pulling it brutally
So that my head turns to you
And I see your eyes mirroring mine
The sight of unadulterated lust
Makes me melt against you
My blissful sighs echoing
Limbs spread across the bed
Flesh pressing against flesh
Nails marking your pale skin
Overwhelming sensations
Waves of pleasure, crashing,
Coursing through our bodies
My mouth slightly open
Yours against my earlobe
Whispering encouragement
As I reach my grand finale
Which in turn brings yours
And we collapse, spent, satisfied
Into each other’s embraces
And I breathe heavily against
The only man I have ever loved