I started as One

Individual, Lone, Singular

We met and became Two

Partners, Companions, Soulmates

Then our Two turned into Three





Lack of Inspiration

It seems to me

That happiness

Does not bring me inspiration

I can write tragic poems

And heartbreaking stories

When anguish is strong

But now I’m happy

And I can’t seem to

Put pen to paper

And create

Why is that?

Is happiness not strong too?

Is it not a real

Powerful emotion?

Why do poetry and prose

Drip like ink into writing

On a blank page

When I am overwhelmed

With anger, despair or hurt?

But now that I’m content

I can mean the smile

That spreads across my face

There’s a skip in my step

And my heart is full

All the world is a stage

But I don’t need to act anymore


Maybe it’s just

That I’m so unfamiliar

With the feeling

That inspiration has fled

Here’s hoping it comes back