I started as One

Individual, Lone, Singular

We met and became Two

Partners, Companions, Soulmates

Then our Two turned into Three





Let’s Be Honest

“Let’s write a list!” I said,
enthusiastically ignorant
as we get ready for bed.

“A list, that’s what you want?”
You respond with eyebrow raised,
folding your jumper neatly
onto the pile you’ve placed
near the bed carefully.

I nod happily like a child,
and mumble “mhmm!” aloud
as I look up and find
your head is still bowed.

“What kind of a list?”
You ask as you scan around,
making sure you’ve not missed
anything left on the ground.

“We write one each, mine
of all the things about you
that I dislike, or that define
what I’ve had to get used to.
And yours the same for me!”

I turn and take in the sight
of you sipping a cup of tea,
and setting a joint alight.
I sigh impatiently, rolling my eyes,
you always take so long.
We both watch smoke rise
as you skip to the right song.
Finally you start to speak

“Why would we do that?
What are you trying to seek?
I don’t want to see you sat
there scribbling away countless
imperfections you hate,
making you like me less.
I can’t tell if this is bait,
if you want me to compliment,
confess my undying love,
No matter how much you torment.
You know that you are enough.”

I stammer a little, heart swelling
as I feel my cheeks going red.

“This was just my way of telling
you to stop always farting in bed…”

Selfish Love

I’m actually quite selfish

I’m sure it’s easy to believe

I do whatever I wish

Don’t like it? You can leave

I won’t consider wasting my day

With things that I don’t want to do

I’m not bothering to act or play

That I’m not more important than you

I’m not saying that I’m greater

Or your idea of fun is wrong

I’m just not waiting until later

When waiting at all is too long

So just imagine my amazement

When I met a certain guy

That made me feel more patient

I didn’t even need to try

I could sit and watch him game

Doing things I don’t enjoy

Whilst remaining strangely tame

Not even resenting the boy

I know it doesn’t seem much

It’s probably the simplest way

Of showing that love, as such

Is just sacrificing your day